A team of hardworking Aussies who were born and raised in the Tasmanian countryside.

With a combined 125+ years' farming experience and over 20 years in consumer goods sales, we’re extremely passionate and motivated by what we do. Some of us are out on the farm every day, while others contribute from afar. We are a thoughtful, conscientious, nurturing and innovative team who share a passion for human connection, culinary creativity and exploration of our great outdoors. With a multi-generational history set deep in the pristine cradle of rural Tasmania, what truly unites us is our profound love of the land and a desire to work hand-in-hand with mother nature to grow and explore all things beautiful. It is through this labour of love that we strive daily to provide you with timely and eco-friendly access to extraordinary, hand-picked farm fresh flowers.

Bec Thomas, founder of Farmgate Flowers Direct

Having grown up on a flower farm I had the pleasure of experiencing freshly picked farm flowers in our family home every day. It was such a pleasure and now I want to make this everyday luxury available to you.
To do this I have started by securing supply with one of the leading growers of premium liliums in Australia (which happens to be my brother!) and I’m excited to bring these gorgeous flowers directly from the flower fields of the Tasmanian farm I grew up on into the everyday lives of people.
I am proud to bring you only Australian grown flowers and I hope to one day expand our market range beyond lilies and support other Aussie flower farmers. I was astounded to read recently that over $66 million dollars of cut flowers were imported into Australia in the year 2016/17*. It made me think not only about the long-term viability of Aussie flower farmers and the impact on the Aussie economy, but also the environmental issues.
We want you to make a conscious choice when buying flowers. By choosing Farmgate Flowers Direct you can be assured each stem is picked by hand and with heart, and the farmers behind the farm gates live up to our high ethical standards as well as doing their best to ensure their farming practices are sustainable and environmentally friendly. So, when you buy from us, you are not just buying Tasmanian grown flowers you are supporting a greater cause.
Farmgate Flowers Direct is committed to doing our very best for Aussie farmers, small business, the environment, and you.


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