Where are the FARMGATE FLOWERS Oriental Lilies grown?

Wynyard is on the pristine coastline of North West Tasmania. They are grown in a 20,000-m2 Glasshouse that was built in 2014. However, this farm has been growing flowers since 1982 (nearly 40 years!). It was also a dairy farm until recent years and farms poppies for medicinal purposes and a few cattle. ​​​


Why is the Tasmanian environment so suitable to growing premium lilies?

Lilies prefer temperate climates that is why they are such beautiful flowers when grown in Tasmania. The Tasmanian summers are very mild with temperatures ranging from 15-26 degree in the hottest month of January. These cool conditions allow lilies to grow with upright buds, stronger stems, greener leaves, a strong fragrance, and a longer vase life when the rest of Australia is wilting. ​


What is the flowering season? Are these flowers available year-round?

They can be grown quite easily outside in paddocks in Tasmania during the warmer summer months, however for a more controlled environment and to ensure consistent quality they are grown in a glasshouse with a climate-controlled computer. This allow the lilies to be produced throughout the entire year. During the Tasmanian winters, the temperature is maintained by using waste biomass sawdust. This green energy is a renewable fuel and an important part of our goal of being carbon neutral.


How can you guarantee consistent quality?

The lilies are grown using the latest hydroponic growing method that has come out of Holland. All the Orientals are grown in raised crates in a special potting mix that has been steamed and provides perfect nutrient and water to the lilies. By investing in the technology, the bulb is planted in the most even and consistent manner possible. This provides a very even crop with green foliage and strong stem strength.


What does Farmgate Flowers mean when we say we adopt sustainable & environmentally friendly farming practices?

The lilies are grown with the environment in mind.  The glasshouse and hydroponic system allow Rob (the grower) to grow with close to zero chemical use and very efficient levels of water and fertilizer. The heating system in winter is biomass waste product (sawdust) that is carbon neutral. All Farmgate lilies are sent from the farm with no plastic wrap. Every day the farm extends themselves to minimize waste and energy use.


How exactly are you supporting Aussie Farmers?

I was astounded to read recently that over $66 million dollars of cut flowers were imported into Australia in the year 2016/17*. It made me think not only about the long-term viability of Aussie flower farmers and the impact on the Aussie economy, but also the environmental risks. We source directly from farm so cut out the middleman and can offer good farmgate prices to the farmer and end consumer.


Is the packaging eco-friendly and recyclable? 



Are pesticides used on the farm?

We are not claiming we are 100% chemical free but we spray very rarely. In fact, some places on the farm they have not sprayed for 12 months. 


Do you treat any flowers with chemicals to last longer?



Do I need to put anything in my vase at home to make my flowers last longer? 

We do not recommend you use anything. Many people ask if they should put a teaspoon of sugar in the water or a drop of bleach. You can do this if you like but we do not recommend you need too. Our flowers are so fresh that people are delighted with their vase life just the way mother nature intended them to be. Check out our flower care page for more information. 


How do you get these beautiful lilies all the way from Tasmania?

This is one question that I get asked a lot. It takes a lot of patience and time to grow something so beautiful but once they are ready, we can get them to market quickly. They are not flown. They are transported by boat and truck. I send my order to the farm at the beginning of the week and the farmhands pick, bundle up, hydrate (put in water for a big drink) and cool the flowers. The farm is an hour from the boat that departs from Devonport to Melbourne. They travel overnight on the boat and are met by a refrigerated truck that very next morning and zoom up the coast to Brisbane. Voila! To market we go!   


I do not tend to get to the farmers markets until mid-morning (10am) and you often seem to have sold out. 

Yes, we tend to sell out at every market and unfortunately there are some people that miss out. It is the early bird that gets the pick of the bunch. I must do it this way because if I am left with flowers then it is not a good position to be in as a farmer florist. I want to build a sustainable business and to do that you have to be left with some margin at the end of the day. However, I have since recognised that people tend to be very disappointed when they miss out which led me to think about a click and collect service. With this service you can order your flowers and secure a bunch at the beginning of the week, have your sleep in, and we will hold them for you until 10am. Go to our click and collect page to find out more.  


Do you only have lilies available at the Farmers Markets? 

We also have tulips direct from the farm for part of the year. Lisianthus have also been trialled this year. In the past we have had supply from other Tasmanian farmers who opened their farmgate which enabled us to bring Alstroemeria, Chrysanthemums, Hydrangeas, and Peonies to market. We plan on collaborating with more growers which enables them to receive better farmgate prices and at the same time gives you a broader range of flowers to choose from. Subscribe to us to stay up to date!  


I'm a Florist and I’m very conscious about ensuring my flowers are sustainably grown and I don't like the thought of handling flowers that have been sprayed with excessive amounts of chemicals. I’m also blown away with your quality and know my customers would love them. Do you supply beyond the Farmers Markets?



Give us a call to find out more


I want to talk to someone from Farmgate Flowers Direct? 

We are always up for a chat, no matter what the reason. Chat via our website, or email hello@farmgateflowersdirect.com.au or text 0419 719 350.  I tend to be too busy to answer the phone during market hours but pop down to the market to talk face to face or you can call Monday – Thursday 9am to 3pm.



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