Know her favourite flower! 5 tips and types to understand her style!

Be sure to give Mum or that special motherly figure in your life her favourite flowers this Mothers Day. 

Growing up, there’s no doubt that it was our Mum or another motherly figure in our lives that knew us best. Whether it was our favourite cooked dinner or that coveted toy under the Christmas tree each year, they always knew what would bring a smile to our face. So, it seems only fitting that as we look to celebrate our amazing Mums or motherly figures we love and admire this Mother’s Day, we do so in a way that shows just how well we know her.

With all the gifting trends that come and go each year, there’s no denying that a bouquet of fresh flowers is the traditional and most popular way to wish Mum a happy Mother’s Day. And for good reason: Giving flowers is a simple and affordable gesture but one that instantly brightens her day and fills the room with a sweet fragrance and beautiful vibrancy. 

Some may wonder where the creativity is in gifting flowers for Mother’s Day given its predictability, but we challenge you to think deeper into the specific type of flowers that speak to your Mum’s style and personality and choose something that you know will fill her heart with joy and happiness when she’s gifted them by you this year. Many Mum’s are vocal about which flowers they love most and why, but some are a little more understated or simply say they ‘love them all’. So here are some handy pointers to help guide you in choosing the perfect variety of farm fresh flowers to spoil her with this Mother’s Day.

Elegant. Stylish. Classic.
If your loved one is someone who personifies any of these timeless qualities, then she will certainly appreciate the exquisite yet refined style of our stunning Oriental Lilies. Graceful and sophisticated, these beautiful blooms are the main flower variety that our family in Tasmania grows in abundance on the farm. Whether it’s a classic white lily or one with bright vibrant shades of hot or pale pink - these breathtaking blooms are perfect for the Mum who takes pride in her home and loves to display fresh elegant flowers especially when entertaining her friends and family. They have the added bonus of a gorgeous fragrance that fills her home and gives her great pleasure every time she walks in the front door. 
Fun. Vibrant. Free-Spirited 
If her laugh can be heard from three rooms away and her smile big enough to brighten the worst of moods, she’s someone who deserves a variety of flower to match her positive and vivacious personality. Enter…Farmgate Tulips! They’re bright, they’re bold and they radiate a sense of playful charm! Known for their rich, vibrant colours and for the way they twist and turn towards the light, even after being placed in a vase, show someone who brings the sunshine into every room she enters how well you know her character this Mother’s Day and surprise her with a bunch of fun and colourful Farmgate Tulips.
Nostalgic. Traditional. Tender
If these are words that come to mind when you think of your loved one who you hope to shower with flowers this Mother’s Day, then she deserves to be treated with the type of tenderness that the next flower variety brings. The sweet delicate Freesia evokes many childhood memories, (particularly for those who grew up in cooler climates) with their distinctive scent that takes you back to the cottage garden and transports you to another time and place. With a lovely scent and an array of intricate tubular flowers lining each stem, these farm-garden favourites come in a wide range of colours and shades. Chrysanthemums do this as well and with so much choice when it comes to colour and shape, from daisy-like or decorative to pompons or buttons these sweet flowers also come in a huge variety of colours to suit that special someone’s home decor and style. 
Artistic. Creative. Eclectic.
She’s someone who has her very own unique sense of style and allows her creativity to shine through all aspects of her life. If these traits are talking to you when thinking of the person you wish to spoil this Mother’s Day, then we’ve got just the flower for her. Alstroemeria (also known as Peruvian Lillies) is a flower that brings a beautiful sense of calm yet fabulous colour to any room. Their flowers have many petals and come in an array of vibrant colours, including cream, yellow, orange, pink, purple, and red. Part of their unique charm is that they often feature spots, flecks, stripes, and two tones of colours, adding a multi-dimensional layer to each beautiful bunch. Their extremely long vase life is also one reason why so many love to have them in their homes.
Easy-going. Caring. Playful
If ‘mixing and matching’ and experiencing a bit of everything sounds like something your Mum likes to do, then we suggest surprising her with a delightful Farm Fresh Mothers Day Bouquet that you can personally pick out at the Farmers Market this Saturday.

Choosing your own mix of seasonal flowers means you can incorporate colourful combinations such as: Lilies, Freesias, Chrysanthemums, Alstroemeria and Chrysanthemums. Plus, you can have the added joy of empowering your loved one to create her own floral design in a vase (or many) for her home or arranging and wrapping in your own style first before gifting to her.  The added love that you put into arranging your blooms will lift anyones spirits and simply delight. 

You'll find some bundles already made up and beautifully presented in eco-friendly hessian and a lovely ribbon that elevates your farm fresh flowers and gives them a little extra charm. It also comes with a beautiful Tasmanian made gift card so you can add your own personalised note.

With all that being covered, it’s safe to say that no matter what her preferred style may be, our Mums all share one thing in common, they love to support local and shop consciously and they appreciate and admire all farm flower varieties.  It’s a proven fact that gifting flowers to a loved one is one of the surest and simplest ways to show how much you care.
So whether it’s ordering a box online with us for home delivery or pre-ordering  and securing your bunch to collect at the Farmers Market on Saturday 7th May, we encourage you to start planning now so you can show Mum just how much you really know her this Mother’s Day, with the gift of her favourite Farmgate Flowers.
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