What sets Farmgate lilies apart from the rest is their long vase life. Our lilies last longer than those from any florist or flower market because they are direct from the farm.

Here are our tips to keep your lilies strong and fragrant for as long as possible.


Cut off the stems at an angle

Once you unwrap them, snip about 3cm of the stem off at an angle. This increases the area for water absorption.


Keep the leaves out of the water

Ensure no leaves are touching the water in the vase. This can cause bacterial growth and accelerate wilting.


Lilies are best kept cool

Remember, they’re Tassie locals! So try and keep them in a relatively cool space in your home out of direct sunlight.


Fresh water for fresh flowers

Make sure you place your lilies in a clean vase with clean water. Lilies are thirsty flowers, so replace the water as soon as it becomes cloudy and keep recutting the stems regularly. 


How to avoid pesky pollen

The stamens inside lilies can cause stains on fabric. The best way to avoid this is to delicately remove the individual stamens from inside the flower as soon as the lily starts to open. Nip this one in the bud (literally!) early, as they won’t have developed the staining pollen yet. As soon as the flower opens, simply reach in and pull the stamen before the pollen has been released - that way you don't get pollen on your fingers! It’s also very important to remove if you’re a cat owner, as the pollen is poisonous to our feline friends.


If the pollen does get onto clothing or other fabrics, you should let the pollen dry in direct sunlight. It can then be brushed off or vacuumed, and over time sunlight will breakdown the residual stains on the fabric. Another trick if you get pollen on your bench or carpet is to use sticky tape to prevent brushing and spreading the stain. It’s important never to use water.

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