The Peony Roses soft, fluffy petals, and luxurious papery layers will take your breath away - every single time! They are a flower that is truly exquisite and you need to indulge in these scrumptious flowers while you can because their season is short.  

To give you a little more vase life we pick the buds while they are quite tight so you can watch these stunning buds unfurl one after the other into a bloom of extraordinary colour. Once they are fully open they don't really have a long vase life compared to our other flower varieties.

To ensure you get to experience our Peony Roses at their best, we've thoughtfully prepared some recommendations to ensure your experience with these enchanting blooms is nothing short of extraordinary. Take a moment to have a quick read

1. Order online and we will ensure you get the pick of the bunch.  

2. Collect on Saturday before the heat of the day ie 8-9 am

3. Bring a little bag or vessel that we can fill with cool water for you, so they travel home in water.

4. If you are traveling in a car ensure the air conditioning is on. 

5. Make it a quick trip home

6. Put chilled water in the vase out of the fridge

7. Chop the stems on an angle, and chop regularly 

8. You can even try cutting vertically up the stem to increase surface area for absorption 

9. Before you leave the house on a hot day, place a handful of ice blocks in the water 💦 

10. Place the vase in a cool location out of direct sunlight. If you place them in a warm sunny room, or right next to a window, you will find that they will quickly look tired and will wilt. The aircon gives me relief on hot days. The peonies love it even more! They’re Tasmanian! 

Psst ... we tend to select the tighter buds for the click-and-collect orders so you can watch them unfurl over time. If your buds are very tight, and you want them to open as soon as possible, you can simply give them some encouragement with a gentle squeeze between your fingertips. Do this a couple of times around the bud. 

Lastly, you simply have to keep in mind that our Peony Roses are grown in a cool, temperate climate where it is unlikely that they have ever experienced any temperatures above mid-20 degree celsius. They are Tassie locals which means they do not like to get hot and bothered! Late October to late December is their natural season here in Australia which also means its some of the hottest months that we experience here in Brisbane. It's not ideal, but there are some pleasures we must give ourselves even if it means we have to be a little more attentive. 


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